Next Week Gasoline Price Predict (2020-04-06~2020-04-12)


Current Week Gasoline Price(2020-03-30~2020-04-05)

Regular Gas95無鉛Premium GasDiesel
CPC Gasoline Price /Price18.2元19.7元21.7元15.4元
Formosa Gasoline Price /Price18.2元19.6元21.7元15.2元

Next Week Gasoline Price(2020-04-06~2020-04-12)Updated at 2020-04-02 03:00

Gasoline TypeCurrent Week PricePredict Next Week PricePrice Changed
CPC Regular Gas18.2元17.3元降0.9元
CPC 95無鉛19.7元18.8元降0.9元
CPC Premium Gas21.7元20.8元降0.9元
CPC Diesel15.4元14.5元降1.1元
Formosa Regular Gas18.2元17.3元降0.9元
Formosa 95無鉛19.6元18.7元降0.9元
Formosa Premium Gas21.7元20.8元降0.9元
Formosa Diesel15.2元14.1元降1.1元



After winning the “Trusted Brand Platinum Award” presented by the Reader’s Digest in May 2019, CPC accomplished further. With the consumers’ survey conducted by the Management Magazine, in the gas station business, CPC had achieved the new high of 80% in “consumers’ mind share,” winning “The No.1 Consumers’ Ideal Brand in Taiwan” for 15 consecutive years. CPC’s gas stations have offered consumers-oriented services with considerate manners. It has earned high acclaim over the past years. Insisting on the oil’s quality and the enterprise’s social responsibility, it makes the general public feel the endeavor of CPC’s gas stations. Winning awards over the past years, it signifies that the brand image of CPC has been deeply rooted in the consumers’ mind with its high quality services.


中油&台塑油品大PK 你加對油了嗎?



In the evening of December 2, 2019 “The Opening Ceremony of the Liaison Office in India of CPC Corporation, Taiwan” was held in New Delhi, the capital of India. The ceremony was hosted by Shun-chin Lee, President of CPC. Lee expressed that in collaboration with the government’s New Southbound Policy, CPC Corporation, Taiwan will develop further in India. With the establishment of the Liaison Office in India, it will facilitate CPC to develop businesses further in India. Considering the development potential of the India market, CPC expects to be updated with the investment opportunities in petroleum industry in India with the establishment of this Liaison Office. Collaborating with the government’s New Southbound Policy in business investment, it aims to achieve diverse goals overseas.

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